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wFriday, August 02, 2002

I find out Monday if I get the kitty or not. Apparently she's a gray calico. I am so excited. Even if I don't get this one, I'm definitely going to get a kitty soon. Bride kind of convinced me last night of the value, and it goes along with what my friend was saying. And I've always really wanted one. So I'm going home this weekend to pick up my sweet baboo's old kitty things - the carrier, maybe a spare litter box mommy has, and a scratching post (that fat baby boy is way spoiled). I also asked for her "How to take care of a kitty" books.

YAY, a cute baby kitty in my apartment.

posted by Beatriz at 9:42 AM

wThursday, August 01, 2002

What Kind of Relationship is Right For You?

Thanks again, Sarah.

posted by Beatriz at 4:21 PM


More fun with astrology
Excerpt from today's horoscope, from one of the sources:
Enough is enough, Gemini -- by acting irrationally, you may be scaring the people who care about you the most. If you insist on living close to the edge, you should at least know your limits. Try to ease the tension instead of pushing it to the breaking point.
Translation to me: Beatriz, don't drink so fucking much tonight during the dart match that you start flipping out. Again.

There's also more that's even more fitting, but that's enough for the general public to know.

This is... eerie.

posted by Beatriz at 10:08 AM

wWednesday, July 31, 2002

Astrology and free will
A friend of mine just did my natal chart, and read me a few traits that are so ingrained they've dictated my existence without me even realizing. I'm not going to go into them - some aren't very flattering - but they made me think about my blog address.

This is how I see it.

From what I understand, the angles and pulls of the signs and planets in relation to the birthsite create these aspects and forces in an individual. So, the planets and stars were in just this place when I was born. The pulls are what my nature is inclined to do. When I came up with "too gemini for my own good," I was kind of using it as an excuse for the way that I am. The good and the bad traits, to which I often say, "Well, that's just my nature, what else can you expect?"

It just occurred to me, that I can't look at it that way. I can't use it as an excuse, as the underlying reason behind every failure, every mistake. What I need to do is try to change them, to counter those bad inclinations - from being lazy to procrastination, as two of the milder things; the bad ones are much worse.

This is where my will comes in. My life and development have been following the paths set by these forces, and as any reader of my blog knows, I'm not too pleased with the path as of late. I think the point in knowing these inclinations is not to blame them, but to fight them. I used to think, at least subconsciously, that "resistance is futile" - that this is the way that I am, this is the way that it's going to be. For some reason, being now more "aware" of those underlying forces, I feel I can make myself stronger and "better" (whatever that means) by resisting my tendency towards... those bad traits, which I'm not going into complete detail about.

posted by Beatriz at 8:16 PM

wTuesday, July 30, 2002

Morning exercise bad for you
See, my not waking up in the morning to exercise was actually my body saving me from infection. Has nothing to do with me being lazy.

Thanks for the justification, Dave.

posted by Beatriz at 5:02 PM


Book request
Yes, I have a ton of books right now, but I was wondering if anyone who reads this has copies of Carl Jung's Man and His Symbols and/or Four Archetypes - Mother, Rebirth, Spirit, Trickster. I'd be in your eternal debt if you'd let me borrow them.

I'll probably get them from the library if no one responds to this.

posted by Beatriz at 3:39 PM


Kitty (and life) update
No word as of yet from the current owner of the kitty. Guess that's a good thing.

I went home last night to pick my keys that my tubing friend dropped at my parents' house. The cat that lives there just got home, and I almost cried when I saw him. He'd been really sick, had to spent the weekend at the kitty hospital. My mom had the poor sweet baboo on the couch next to her and covered him with two towels so he'd stay warm under the ceiling fan (he'd been wet when he got home, the people at the hospital gave him a bath). He was so weak and drugged that he was completely passed out. His front right leg was bloody and torn up because he'd chewed at it when they had the IV in him. I hope I gave him enough kisses that he feels better.

I also borrowed/stole a bunch of my mom's occult books, and a few classics from the basement. Including Crime and Punishment, since I'm apparently a Despondent Villain like Raskolnikov; but I haven't read it, so I have no idea what that means. I (un)fortunately do know who Kai is, and that in and of itself guarantees my place in geekdom. I might not watch the TV show Lexx, but I have seen the first four movies, Tales from a Parallel Universe, a number of times. My mother and I accidentally discovered them on Showtime about halfway through the first one, on a weekend day when they showed all four. We were so fascinated (or horrified) that we watched all of them.

Tip for those of you who smoke: watch them stoned, trust me. I am definitely getting my mother to make me copies of the movies, they're quite awesome to watch in an altered state. One night, a couple friends of mine and I went back to the house and started watching them and got pretty stoned. Months later, one of the guys (actually, the drummer from the band Nothingface, if anyone's ever heard of them) told me he still got nightmares from those movies. They're weird, they're phallic, and Kai just kicks ass.
Kid: Mister, you're weird.
Kai: The dead are weird.
Ok, I never saw that episode, but that exchange was on a trailer that showed on the sci-fi channel and I crack up every time I think of it. Even now, I'm giggling.

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wMonday, July 29, 2002

What Type of Villain are You? /

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Went tubing yesterday instead of Saturday because of the weather. I am so sunburned, and so sore (especially my lats), and I can't believe that my friend and I went through an entire case of beer. Then she dropped me at a metro station in Virginia, for me to realize when i got to Dupont Circle that I left my keys in her car. Luckily I didn't have to pay a lockout fee. Watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to cheer me up from the pain in my body and my head and passed out at about 10:00.

Came so close to calling in sick today, but I'm here, and doing fun work. Or blogging, whichever.

posted by Beatriz at 11:41 AM