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wFriday, May 02, 2003

The other morning, I ran into a boss at the Columbia Heights Metro station. She whipped out a pair of knitting needles and some yarn, and started to make a blanket for her (absolutely adorable) niece. I mentioned that I'd always wanted to learn how to knit (which I have), and the next day she brought me a pair of kneedles and a ball of yarn for me to get started on. Not necessarily make something big and nice, but to just get used to it. She also suggested I go to to get some easy examples to start with. is very good for screwing around on the internet, but not very good for trying to actually find something. I keep going around in circles. I feel like I'm using the Microsoft Office Help feature, which tells you basic things, and complicated things, but never what you want to know.

I just want to know how to start knitting. I mean, putting the damn yarn on the needle and start. That's it. You'd think I'd be able to find it quickly. But, no. I might have to suck it up and actually go buy a book. Or, maybe I'll just stick to crosstitch.

The problem with crosstitch, however, is that my eyes actually have to be on the thread and on the pattern and on the fabric. I did a lot of pretty advanced crosstitch in high school and during the summers in college. I'd watch movie after movie, and once I got into tv series, I could marathon a whole season of Babylon 5 while working on a particularly complicated section. I'd be blind at the end, but I got a lot of projects done.

It won't work with anime, however. I need to watch the screen, because just listening and glancing up every once in a while simply doesn't work with subtitles. I discovered that when I tried to watch the Godfather series. The first one went by just fine, but I distinctly remember trying to watch the second and having a really hard time stitching and understanding at the same time. Could it be because half the movie was in Italian? I wound up stopping the movie and putting in something in English.

I'm hoping I can get good enough at knitting that I'll be able to do it without looking. I need a hobby that's compatible with anime-watching.

posted by Beatriz at 12:20 PM

wWednesday, April 30, 2003

Things that get on my nerves
When I was in college, I had the worst roommate ever, second semester freshman year. We would get in fights about shampoo, or the mall - well, more accurately, she'd try to pick a fight, and I'd refuse because I knew it was fucking ridiculous and wouldn't lower myself to her level. It really made no difference to me that one mall is cooler than another, or that she had $20 bottles of shampoo both in her dorm and at her parents'; I'd shop where it was convenient, and bring my shampoo along with me.

My temper is very very short today, and I'm chatting with my computer friend. I told him I saw A Mighty Wind with Sarah Daisy, and related the story about Georgetown's ridiculous movie prices. $9 for adults - and on the weekends, matinees only apply to the first showing, which I didn't know about until I got there. If I'd known, I probably would've insisted we go to the much earlier showing.

Computer friend's response: "With my [student] id, I can get into any theater for $6.50." "I'd never pay that much to get into a movie." Although it's the complete opposite from that stupid spoiled, materialistic wench I lived with, the principle is still the same. Their way is better, their lives are better, and I'm a fucking schmuck for being the way I am.

My initial response to stuff like this is to tell them to kiss my ass - but, in the scheme of things, I simply don't care enough to rise up to the challenge. Fine, their lives are better, let them have their glory, let them have their way. I really just don't care, I'm not competitive. It obviously means a lot to those kinds of people to know their "way" is better, and to rub others' noses in it. Maybe they're right, maybe they're wrong. Makes no difference to me either way.

Sometimes there's an advantage in knowing your life sucks. No need to defend it.

posted by Beatriz at 12:55 PM

wTuesday, April 29, 2003

Finished Hellsing, it was... disappointing. Nothing else to say about it.

Gasaraki, however. I watched the first ep a while ago, and thought it was really boring. I just started over, and the strange little storyline begins.

There's a big explosion in the Middle East, to which the United States points and accuses, "Weapon of mass destruction!" And issues warnings, and insists the UN send in inspectors. Then the Americans, the French and the Germans form the multinational army that invades the country responsible.

This came out in 1998.

posted by Beatriz at 10:23 PM


Which Hellsing character are you?

You're Helena, the beautiful little vampire girl. You are wise far beyond your years, and your vast knowledge has made you a profound thinker. It comes at a price, however: you have become weary of the rude world and are frustrated at your own lack of abilities. You spend your time locked inside reading endlessly. You can't be bothered to fight for a cause or stir from where you have become comfortable in any way.

posted by Beatriz at 5:17 PM

wMonday, April 28, 2003

Just watched ep 6 of Hellsing and... damn. Pretty bloody, violent, and a lot of obscenities. I'm seeing a kind of Blade/John Carpenter's Vampires deal.

It's also reminiscent of Witch Hunter Robin in the dark setting, and the idea of the story's hero hunting his own/her own kind. The added twist in this one is the newly turned vampire, Victoria. While Robin was a powerful witch, her power (firestarting) allowed her to kind of stay back from the situation. Victoria's feeling the urges and vampiric hungers, actually wades into a group of ghouls to rip them into pieces with her bare hands. It's pretty visceral.

posted by Beatriz at 10:59 PM


I really started watching anime over the past few months to find the strange, off-the-wall stories with a good kick in the end. I was looking for, and found, a lot of dark mind-warping characters to counteract the commercialization with which I've normally surrounded myself. Cowboy Bebop has a bittersweet ending. Neon Genesis Evangelion is ... a total mindfuck (there's just no other word for it). Witch Hunter Robin is goth, RahXephon is serious, and I'm sure I'll find other gray shows to fill in my spectrum.

The Vandread saga is one of those just feel-good series. I feel as childishly satisfied as after my first viewing of The Last Starfighter. It definitely has it's cheesy moments - like the hero's spirit-walk when he crashed on the Native American-type planet, the theme of putting the future in the next generation's hands - as well as stock characters - a long-lost member of the crew who comes back from the dead before the crucial battle and a teenaged love triangle. But everything works out in the end, and the future looks bright; the enemy is destroyed and everyone ends up with their soulmate.

Who cares that it's just animation.

posted by Beatriz at 2:49 AM

wSunday, April 27, 2003

In my drunken state last night, I left the TV on all night. Since it wasn't on pause on the dvd, and just the menu, the "screen saver" didn't pop on. I turned it off this morning, but when I went to watch Slayers this evening I found half of the tubes busted on my TV. I'm so pissed.

So mommy's going to suggest to daddy that I need a new TV for my birthday. I was going to buy a new one anyways, as the 27" inch flat tubes at Best Buy are only $379, but if they're willing to pay, who am I to argue? She's going to work on him to buy me the good one, but if he's not willing to go that high in price, I'll offer to pay for some. I want a good tv.

I'm thus left with watching the numerous anime series on my computer. My dumbass didn't realize I didn't have all of ep 1 of Hellsing, in fact just like 30 seconds of it post-opening credits, so I had to redownload that one. I started in on Vandread instead, and it's not too bad.

In Vandread's universe, the men and women are totally separated. The men consider women demons, and the women think of the men as aliens. The men have their progeny made in a factory while the women are artificially inseminated. Possibly the most disturbing moment so far was during a meeting of all the guys on the ship, and one says to another, "Hey, when we get back, want to have a baby?"

Some weird stuff happened in typical anime-style, and now three men from the ship are on a ship of all-female pirates, and they're all racing to the women-planet and the men-planet to warn them of incoming enemies. Situational comedy ensues.

"I heard that men have a tube in their crotch!"

posted by Beatriz at 1:38 AM