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wMonday, May 05, 2003

On going back to old anime (RahXephon)
Neat to see how the seeds of the story are planted from episode 1. I remember juggling dates in my mind, trying to catch the story as a whole and failing miserably. I just didn't have the information.

I've seen the end episodes a bunch of times, but never really in context with the beginning. I'd deleted them after viewing when I had a smaller harddrive. I didn't start thinking I'd want to watch them again later until ep 11.

It's so amazing to know that the story was right there the whole time, buried so deep and in cast-off clues. And I love examining characters' motives, especially those fringe players that you suspect will play a bigger part, and later are involved in the most complicated of ways. These are believable twists too, unlike some sequels that pull a random character from the first series and say, "That was me! I was behind all of that." (David Eddings' Elenium and Tamuli, case in point.) These people aren't the ones behind it, they just managed to fit in more pieces of the puzzle than I guessed.

I'm also starting to see more characterization. There were a few commanders I could barely tell apart first time through the series, and now I can't believe I ever got them mixed up. The main mystery girl, I thought was being ambiguous in her inflection to cultivate her mystery does, in fact, have a personality. Asahina still pisses me off, though.

posted by Beatriz at 2:01 AM