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wSaturday, May 17, 2003

Sometimes I'm very stupid. It only now just hit me, on episode 21 of Noir that the title and the storyline is a creative play on words.

I've been complaining that the series is boring, thinking that these long shots were so unnecessary. That the series could've been done in 13 episodes rather than "stretching it out" to 26.

Noir is not just the title of the series because that's the name of the assassin team. The series is film noir. It takes place in France, for chrissake. The whole series is pretty damn cool taken as a whole, and in the context the director intended.

And I thought I could be a film critic? Sheesh.

posted by Beatriz at 3:04 PM

wFriday, May 16, 2003

Ok, Noir got cool again. The storyline I'd dismissed in episodes 8-9 actually was kind of relevant to the background story/climax of the last 10 episodes. I'd originally dismissed it because it took place in Corsica, which I mistakenly thought was a part of Italy - and thus not part of a storyline weaving persons named Mireille and Chloe. Turns out Corsica is part of France, with a French heritage, so it is all intertwined. Silly me.

Despite the slow start to the series (I didn't think it really got going until episode 17), I think it's going to be on the To Buy list, behind Neon Genesis Evangelion. Noir is coming out piecemeal now, and by the time I save the money to buy all of Eva (8-disc series, Death and Rebirth movie, End of Evangelion movie, and the director's cuts of eps 21-24), while continuing to buy RahXephon as it comes out, Noir will be available in a discounted box set. I hope.

At least I'm not just putting it all on a credit card!

posted by Beatriz at 12:44 AM

wThursday, May 15, 2003

Search Challenge
I thought I was good at finding information tidbits on the internet. Apparently I was wrong, because I can't find any information on this one topic. Or, not what I'm looking for. Or, probably what I'm looking for, but it's not in English.

I want original sheet music by Yuki Kajiura or Ichiko Hashimoto. The former did the music in Noir and the latter for RahXephon. They have incredible piano pieces and I want to play them.

Transcription sites so far aren't working for me, because they aren't giving me the songs and the level that I want. For the most part they've been like the sheet music that comes out popularly. I'm thinking of the 80's books I have, the broadway musicals, movie themes. That's not what I want.

These people are modern composers, not just songwriters, and I want their music, the stuff that's been originally written for piano. Like Liz Story and George Winston. Yes, the pieces I've heard have only been in anime, but a number of them have the quality of Debussy, of Ravel. That's what I want.

And I can't find any.

posted by Beatriz at 11:26 PM


I just mentioned to Susanna that a guy I met this weekend had seen The Power of One. We saw this in high school (I probably made her watch it), and I really liked it. I didn't think it was that great, but I enjoyed the movie, and liked the soundtrack so much I bought it.

Of course, she reminds me of the part with the chicken, and now I'm so sad. In the first segment of the movie, there's a 7-year-old British kid who goes to a Deutsch boarding school in South Africa just before (or maybe during) World War II. The Afrikanas hate him, and the older kids absolutely torture the poor little boy. He winds up going to an aborigine woman, who finds his spirit guide on earth in the form of a chicken. He keeps the chicken as his pet, the chicken guards him at night from the machinations of the other boys when he's asleep. I can vividly remember the little kid's voice saying, "She was my only friend."

This is going to sound so ridiculous, but I'm actually getting tears in my eyes thinking of the scene where the chicken dies. His biggest foe steals the chicken, ties up the boy, and makes him watch while he sacrifices the animal to Hitler's cause. And the poor little boy is crying, screaming, "No, no! Not my chicken!" - to no avail. It was horrible, it was sad, and in my current emotional state I'm actually teary.

posted by Beatriz at 4:41 PM


So frustrated with Noir. Because it's so boring at times. There's a huge political background - and I couldn't tell you if the politics they've talked about are related or not. Nor do I care to go back into it and try and figure it out. Unlike RahXephon, which I scoured every episode for every detail I could find, to make it all fit together.

I found an awesome fan Noir site. The author is clearly still constructing it, but it looks like it's going to have a huge wealth of information, from insights to essays to details to awesome graphics. I'm half-inspired to do one for RahXephon - but I don't, for a number of reasons.

I'm not artisitc, my site would suck visually. For me to do one of that caliber, with the details and truth in it, is much more effort than I want to undertake, knowing I probably won't follow through with it. And I have so much else on my plate right now, or at least other things I want to pursue, as well there being so many things I'm actually dealing with - all that makes this fantasy task that much more daunting. Because I'd want detailed descriptions of the symbolism I discovered, of the plot foreshadowing, of the parallels. I find RahXephon to be so rich in so many ways, and I'd want to do it justice, rather than the half-ass job I tend to put into everything else I do.

I'm procrastinating at work, looking around at different anime sites - and there are a lot of graphic artists out there who do stuff with anime. I'm contemplating asking someone to collaborate with me on a RahXephon site. Or, maybe find a site that's in the process of construction, and offering a few essays or thoughts of my own. More realistic than me thinking I can design a whole site myself, with no experience.

posted by Beatriz at 1:39 PM

wTuesday, May 13, 2003

Been a while . . .
With nothing new but the same ol'.

On the second book of C.S. Friedman's Coldfire Trilogy. I've been pretty turned off by fantasy over the past 4 years or so, due to weak plots, stereotypes, and generally bad writing. This series is a pleasant surprise, although I probably won't try a fantasy series again for at least a few months. I just can't take it over too long a period of time.

New anime series: Noir. It rocks. Of the "Girls with Guns" sub-genre with two pretty cool main characters. Amoral as all hell, they look a person straight in the eye, let them beg for mercy, and then kill them. I can't tell the age of the older female, but the younger character is drawn to approximate high school-age. She has no memory, but an impressive array of slaughtering skills. She's cried in both episodes I've seen after the killing spree - not because she was upset about actually murdering people, but because she didn't feel anything at all. Pretty sweet. If it pans out like the reviews claim it will, it's definitely going to be on the "Must buy" list. Probably mid-list, along with Cowboy Bebop, although above Vandread.

posted by Beatriz at 4:47 PM