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wSaturday, May 31, 2003

I was struggling through episode 18 of .hack//sign when I realized that I was procrastinating. And if I'm procrastinating, then I should at least do something I enjoy. I was not enjoying .hack//sign, so I should really stop and do what I should: clean.

So, I put on the first episode of Noir again. Listening to the soundtrack exahustively at work made me want to see how the songs fit in with the series. And if it did a better job showcasing Yuri Kajira's music than .hack//sign.

And I like Noir even better this time around. The scenes I found so boring during my first viewing are actually not that bad. Maybe because I know where the characters are going to wind up, and I can imagine how this fits in with their future. It's neat to see the development, and know the reasons behind certain events. It's similar to my second time through RahXephon, but I knew I'd find more information in that series than in Noir. I'm pleasantly surprised, and pretty certain that I'll buy the series once it's out in a box set.

posted by Beatriz at 9:22 PM


In .hack//sign, the characters go on a little mission to get some experience. One of the first challenges is a riddle, and the answer was the amethyst, since it's the birthstone for February.

I've always wondered about which birthstone went when, so I googled it and came up with this page.

It has a list of the all the gemstones by month, and cool little facts and legends behind the stone. Garnet was said to give its wearer guidance in the night allowing him to see when others couldn't. Derived from the Latin meaning "sea water," aquamarine was said to aid seafarers; thus it makes an excellent gift for sailors or those who travel frequently by sea. Etc.

There's also a list of other popular gemstones.

I love having this kind of trivia right in front of me. It would also be cool to be able to rattle off the birthstones on demand.

posted by Beatriz at 12:36 AM

wFriday, May 30, 2003

I never realized the timing in subtitles was so important until this fansub of .hack//sign. A different group subtitled and distributed ep 9 than the others I've seen. The show is pretty talky, and instead of spacing out the words into sentences and flashing them in sequence, it just plops a big ol' paragraph up there. I find myself reading the whole paragraph in one big gulp, and the person talks forever before the next line fo dialogue comes up. I prefer the one sentences and shorter phrases that give a smoother flow.

posted by Beatriz at 11:21 PM

wTuesday, May 27, 2003

MSNBC published a list of the nation's top high schools.

My high school is listed as #420. Rock on, and continue producing potheads, Magruder!

posted by Beatriz at 4:34 PM

wSunday, May 25, 2003

Not the story of Trinity, but a story. A very, very cool one. I'm having a slightly hard time wrapping my brain around the layers.

It was a narrative told by a detective hired to find the hacker Trinity. So we have his viewpoint of the world, like Tom Anderson's before he took the correct pill. Then there's Trinity and her knowledge that the detective's world is the Matrix, and her plans. (Trying to not spoil.) Then there's the people who hired the detective to find Trinity, and how they fit in as shown in the movie. That 10-minute short was very clever, drawing from the Matrix universe we understand from the movie, and dropping a completely isolated story where two pieces are connected from history in another.

And I just found out! That episode, called Detective Story, was directed by the guy who did Cowboy Bebop. It definitely had a Bebop feel. How cool.

And... even more! All of the directors have done stuff I've seen, or things that are on my list to definitely watch.

posted by Beatriz at 10:53 PM


Excellent, it's the story of Trinity. I think this year Trinity might be a popular name among cats, it being a Matrix year. But I'm cooler because I thought of it before the hype.

*Goes looking for the kitty so she can watch the story behind her name with me.*

posted by Beatriz at 10:24 PM


Someone had told me to watch Animatrix before, but I never did. I just got it the other day from someone, and am on the third episode now. It's pretty cool so far. I'm not quite sure what the first part was kind of live/kind of rough cgi-looking, and seemed to take place in the world of Neo and Trinity and Morpheus. The second and third have been actual anime-style animation the story of how the robots took over, purely animated.

Highly recommended. I don't know if they're still downloadable, but they'll be coming out in DVD.

posted by Beatriz at 10:12 PM


In the spirit of lyrics and quote day, I'm actually posting the lyrics I linked to elsewhere. I just listened to the song with the translation open (it's in Japanese), and serious goosebumps and felt teary. It really is cheesy, especially with the 80's synthesizer, but - so bittersweet and lovely.

Tune the Rainbow
To gently wipe away your tears, that's the only reason why I'm here on this earth.
Because your beauty takes my breath away, after your rain of sorrow lifts.
For when you weep, your tears wash away your concealments, and your heart turns as clear as crystal.

The overlooking view of the world from we see from atop the hill
Should paint a picture of love in abundance even today, and yet,
We'd failed to notice, while in that blissfully unaware state of being,
That even our gentle songs of love echo out into silence.

I want to protect just you alone, and those days where your smile shone like the sun.
I want to protect your heart, caged in solitude wavering in sorrow
No matter the time, no matter the hour.

I wager it all, all I've ever sworn to, and lose it all away.
For you're all I think about, my beloved,
And life with you by my side is worth everything.

Our love seemed too perfect, and thus did fear poison it.
We lacked the delicate words to paint the full shade of our love to each other,
But we certainly did shout out immaculate pledges of love, if only to make up for that.
Even then, it all turned out fine, for you filled me with bliss unending.

Even if the gales were to render us asunder, I'll never abandon your side.
And our prayers will shield us from the storm,
For we love each other.
We love each other.

I want to protect just you alone, and those days where your smile shone like the sun.
I want to protect your heart, caged in solitude, wavering in sorrow.
I won't forget the wind or the forest or the sun setting the sky alit.
I won't forget that song that always lingered on my lips, the cover to that illustration book I read over and over.

I want to protect just you alone, and those days where your smile shone like the sun.
I want to protect your heart, caged in solitude, wavering in sorrow.
I won't forget that endless sky, that cerulean ocean, the golden rays of summer.
I won't forget the words our lips exchanged - not even a single murmur, nor a sigh.

That fleeting wisp of a rainbow...
I'm sure it'll bridge a path for us across the sky, won't it?
- Maaya Sakamoto, from the RahXephon movie

posted by Beatriz at 8:37 PM


I wish you well
Couldn't you tell after all these years?
I wish you love
And life in the world that you're dreaming of.

I wish you well,
I wish you love.
I wish myself all of the above.

What made me think
That I could survive all the wear and tear?
It's not my thing
To stand here and pose for some William Tell.

I wish you well,
I wish you love.
I wish myself all of the above.

If there was a better time, I could not find it.
What's mine's not yours, and yours not mine
And we couldn't hide it.
Don't take me on a ride with you,
It's a roller coaster.
The only time I look at you
Is on a rock and roll poster.

I wish you well.

Where are you now?
Couldn't you see through the sweat and tears?
I took my bow,
While you confirmed all my saddest fears.

I wish you well,
I wish you love.
I wish myself the world I dream of.

I wish you well,
I wish you love.
I wish myself all of the above.
All of the above.
All of the above.
All of the above.
- Josie and the Pussycats, "I Wish You Well"

posted by Beatriz at 8:13 PM


And now for a break from bitterness, cynicism and despair
"The beautiful thing is . . .
I believe that people learn from the past, live deliberately in the present, and then continue on to a wonderful future."
- Belldandy, Ah! My Goddess: The Movie

We now resume normal programming.

posted by Beatriz at 5:56 PM


I now realize why Evangelion is hated. Because it spawned shows like Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventures. I don't think I can finish this series. It's really painful, like a B movie imitation of the Matrix, with just enough difference that outright plagiarism couldn't be claimed.

There's three teenage pilots. Their suits do the vacuum thing so they're skin tight (that was a horrible ripoff). The mecha are called Unit 01 and Unit 02. I even saw a counter for 5 minutes.

There is a potential for a good background universe, but it's presented poorly. And the villain is a total He-man/She-ra villain, complete with obnoxious laugh.

I need to take a break from it.

posted by Beatriz at 5:02 PM


Ah! My Goddess the Movie
I enjoyed the movie more than the series, but wouldn't recommend watching it without previous viewing of the OVAs. The movie assumes audience familiarity with Belldandy, Keiichi, Urd, Skuld, and the universe behind them.

More emphasis on the working of the Heavens, reaffirming the Norse influence on this series' mythology. Plus, the goddesses who ran the heavens reminded me of the pirates in Vandread, even down to the outfits. I had to laugh at the image of deities wearing dominatrix leather. Also counter to the actual male-dominated Norse pantheon, which I definitely appreciated. Am I becoming a feminist?

posted by Beatriz at 4:32 PM


Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventures
Suggested by one IRC person since I liked Evangelion. After the first episode, I'm expecting a watered down version of Eva. Reluctant, clueless pilot as the only hope for survival. With a strange feel of Back to the Future because of the "mad" scientist who sent our hero into a parallel universe, expecting his double to send him back. There's even been high school instances where he's considered a loser ("Hello, McFly!").

After loving the beginning of Lain and having a lukewarm response to the opening of Dual, I'm reaffirmed in the notion that I prefer serious anime. There's been a few series I've watched about two minutes of, stopped then deleted because the entire opening was stereotypical, childlike humor.

After my conversation today with a diehard, picky, critical anime fan, I decided to give the light-hearted stuff another chance. Ah! My Goddess was the result. Then I switched to Lain, which I loved, and now Dual which is back to humorous young adult antics in high school dating and relations.

I guess it's hardly surprising I'm turned off by the comedy/romance set. I read romance books for about a year when I was 12, and threw them away for Stephen King. I hated high school, I don't like watching high school movies (with very few exceptions), so why would I want to watch Love Hina and Great Teacher Onizuka? The only high school movie I've seen and enjoyed lately was Battle Royale, a Japanese film where they all killed each other. Good morning. Here is a list of your dead friends in the order that they died.

It's not the couples though, that annoy me. RahXephon's main couple broke my heart to see apart, and I was so happy when they were together. The translated words to "Tune the Rainbow," read and understood in context of the nameless couple, are bittersweet enough to make me cry. Lina/Gourry and Amelia/Zelgadis have great interactions. Dita and Hibiki of Vandread were annoying at times, but so perfect for each other; the last line of Second Stage made me all goofy-happy for them. So, it's not romance in anime, I do appreciate it.

I guess I'm wary of having the laurels of a series rest entirely on human interactions. I've never been too into human interactions, which is why I live in worlds of anime and fantasy and science-fiction. However, I don't think drama is unwatchable or of less quality than the action and serious/screwed up stories I do watch; I'm sure what I watch is crap compared to quality stories. But they're just not what I like to spend my free time perusing. Give me action, adventure, horror over feel-good stuff any day.

posted by Beatriz at 4:03 AM


Serial Experiments Lain
Is so neat. No romance, no baddie-of-the-week, just big rich story with conspiracy and mythology. So what I've been looking for and not finding lately.

Too bad I won't get the next two discs until Thursday, probably. Which is ok, I have other things I can watch.

posted by Beatriz at 2:31 AM


19 minutes into the show (just 10 minutes left! aaauugh!), and I feel the need to express some feelings about this OVA.

I'm not going to spend the money to own the Slayers set. Partly because I only really like the series as opposed to lovingly-obsess over it. Mostly because I'd have to fork out a lot of money to get the DVDs, since I'd really have to own all of them for the sake of completion. And there'd be a lot of DVDs in the 15+ set that I'd never watch again.

But if I were to own them all, Slayers Premium (which runs at $80.00 on import) is one I'd probably watch again, and maybe force on others. The animation is just a touch different, a lot cleaner and more appropriate to anime of 5 years later. In just the few shows I've seen, I can see a huge difference in the animation of the mid-1990s to 2000, and especially to ones released in 2003. Just like there's a massive upgrade from Disney's Sleeping Beauty to Aladdin. (I'd use a more modern example for Disney, but I haven't seen anything since Mulan.) Premium modernizes the look of the Slayers group to one more fashionable than the 90's look. I wouldn't feel the need to constantly defend it to my watcher because of the old school feel to the show.

This was as totally random post. I realize that now, but I just spent forever trying to articulate my really random thought, that it's being published.

posted by Beatriz at 12:01 AM