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wFriday, June 06, 2003

A dear male friend of mine from the computer recently took a hiatus from IRC, leaving my only direct, immediate-chatting path to him in AIM.

I totally laughed when I saw his new AIM icon. For a while, I had the Harry Potter Ravenclaw shield as my icon, because if I lived in the Harry Potter world, that's the house I'd be in. Never mind that the stupid quiz on the Warner Bros. site kept putting me in Hufflepuff, I'm an intellectual, dammit!

My latest is the NERV symbol from Neon Genesis Evangelion, because I have to advertise my obsession with anime. Most other anime icons have been a little silly, or just the head of a character. Anyone I IM who's not anime-oriented is going to think I'm a freak. Ok, anyone I IM thinks I'm a freak anyways - anyone I associate with - anyone who hears about me - but that's not the point.

His new one: one of the Powerpuff girls. I asked, "Wtf is your icon? Why do you have a Powerpuff girl?"

Response: "I like Powerpuff girls." Pause. "AND I AM SECURE IN MY MANLINESS."

He's so cute.

posted by Beatriz at 10:37 PM

wMonday, June 02, 2003

Yahoo! Mail
I run my email address off of an acquaintance's domain, and read it through Yahoo! Mail. So, those of you who email me might get an email back from that account, but maintain emailing me through in case I ever switch secondary mail handlers.

Point being, I wondered what was taking up all this room in my Y! mailbox. I kept getting the "You are reaching your limit" huge graphic thing. I've deleted folders, I deleted my trash, I keep the Bulk email thing empty. I knew it kept some of my sent mails, and figured that would be just a bit.

Wrong. It had saved my sent emails from last July. July. Or was it August. Something ridiculous like that. I went from 5.1 MB of mail to 1.3 when I cleaned that puppy out.

And I'll fix it in preferences eventually. I just didn't realize it held things for so long.

posted by Beatriz at 4:44 PM

wSunday, June 01, 2003

Two very common symbols in anime: kittens and teddy bears.

RaXephon: Buchi
Noir: Norwegian guy's cat (white)
.hack//sign: Tsukasa's flashback to the white kitten
hack//sign: cat PC
Animatrix: Beyond: girl lost her cat

Noir: Mireille holding a teddy bear in childhood flashbacks
.hack//sign: floating teddy bear
Serial Experiments Lain: Lain's teddy bear collection, her teddy bear-suit

posted by Beatriz at 3:21 PM