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wFriday, July 04, 2003

Just started X TV, and it just figures that I'm having problems finding episodes, because I really like the series so far. Anytime I manage to find a whole series really quickly - say, Witch Hunter Robin and Gasaraki - it turns out I don't like it too much.

It's another series where some groups try to bring about the end of the world for whatever reasons. Totally slashy - although apparently that's a characteristic of CLAMP, one of the studios invovled in the series' development.

posted by Beatriz at 2:25 AM

wThursday, July 03, 2003

I can't help but be attracted to the idea of Underworld, but I don't know if I can get past my intense dislike of Kate Beckinsale.

Never mind, I just read the following plot summary from imdb:
Selene (Beckinsale), a beautiful vampire warrior, is entrenched in a war between the vampire and werewolf races. Although she is aligned with the vampires, she falls in love with Michael (Speedman), a werewolf who longs for the war to end.
Forbidden love across the mythical races. How original.

posted by Beatriz at 1:47 AM


I must have mixed this up with Ghost in the Shell, because there was not one computer of importance here. The beginning looked familiar, and I think I turned Akira off after a bit, found it boring.

Likes: complexity, huge coverage of "typical" anime elements. Schoolkids; wimps; friendships; resentment. And then it totally jumped into human evolution, government experiments, psychic powers.

Dislikes: animation of the characters. Too many characters looked exactly like others. Kei and Kaneda had an uncanny resemblance in that orange uniform, and I wigged every time he hit on her. And while I appreciate the wide range that detailed the characters, a lot of the relationships were kind of stale. The movie did come out in 1988, though, so it's understandable. Akira set the stage for a number of genres, they were still using the old formulas at that point.

I've read a bit of hype about the possibility of making a live-action Akira. While I don't agree for Neon Genesis Evangelion, I think Akira could make a pretty good live-action flick. It certainly has a lot more depth than Spider-Man or The Hulk.

posted by Beatriz at 1:40 AM

wWednesday, July 02, 2003

Darkness Falls is horrible. Some of the worse dialogue ever. When they were climbing the lighthouse, I think they said "Let's go" at least 10 times.

"I hope this works..."
"It has to."

"All of this over a fucking tooth?"

I'm so glad I didn't plan to bring it over to Sarah Daisy's on Friday. I would've so owed her for making her watch this.

posted by Beatriz at 10:42 PM


I just watched City of Lost Children. I really didn't like it in the beginning, but once the little girl came in I got interested. She's really a very pretty child, strong actress with a lot of presence. I found the scenes without her to be a bit boring.

Totally reminded me of Monica Bellucci from Brotherhood of the Wolf, and I actually had to check out the release date of this movie to make sure she wasn't the same person. I kind of knew they weren't, but I wouldn't have been surprised to see they're related. Judith Vittet really looks like a child version of Bellucci.

So I clicked on Belluci's name to see what else she's going to be in, figuring her presence in Matrix Reloaded might have brought her some American reknown. (She's pretty hot.)

Lo and behold, in 2004 she is in a movie called The Passion directed by Mel Gibson, about the last days of Jesus Christ.

Why is it that every 10-20 years, someone finds the need to re-immortalize (no pun intended) Christ? Jesus Christ Superstar, The Last Temptation of Christ. I'm sure there's others I've missed, but these were the prominent when I was growing up.

I'm not saying it's bad to honor the Passion, but kind of... redundant. The attempt makes the Mystery of the Christian religion kind of trite. Most people who are going to see this already know the story; it's aimed at the majority of American/British theater-goers, many of whom grew up on the Bible stories - myself included. Although the Catholic Church is declining, other religions gaining adherents from Christianity, to most educated people the last days of Christ are hardly a mystery.

Reminds me of an IRC acquaintance's info line: "It's like writing a thriller about Kennedy... will he make it?"

I hope James Caviezel makes a decent showing. Last Temptation sure didn't do much for Willem Dafoe. (I don't think he's a bad actor, but landing recent parts like the Green Goblin kind of proves he's B-list.)

posted by Beatriz at 10:35 PM


Yet more procrastination. And a strong desire to go home and get back in bed.

posted by Beatriz at 10:08 AM


Not a bad day. Except for the hangover.

Met Sarah Daisy at Ireland's 4 Provinces in Cleveland Park for some dart warmup. Made plans to hang for the 4th, watching movies and just being chill. Had a crappy match at Atomic against the Irish Channel Surfers, but I managed to take out the final 701 team game for a $10 bonus. Well, more like $8 since I contributed $2.

Ran into some people I met a couple of weeks ago, and hung with them for a drink afterwards. They're so nice, they really like me, and they paid my tab. I've only met them once before, but my protests lacked a certain vehemence because I know I'm so broke. Made plans to see 28 Days Later next week, because Nikki and I are huge horror/zombie fans. I never thought I'd find anyone to see it with me. I'm glad that I didn't go to see it last weekend, because I would've been alone and it would've been boring. Nikki and Matt are cool folks.

posted by Beatriz at 12:27 AM

wMonday, June 30, 2003

I really prefer people who post their thoughts, rather than keep pointing to other things. Although Missy and I have radically different interests, I still like to see what she has to say.

It all has to do with how one settles into their page, I guess.

posted by Beatriz at 1:13 AM


Apparently I'm not the only one to have problems with the Metro lately. Scully and Loren both have extensive posts on their recent experience with substandard service.

I hate non-rush hour times. I'm usually waiting about 15 minutes if I'm far from the center.

posted by Beatriz at 1:07 AM


Now I'm taping Equilibrium which means I'm watching it for, yes, the third time this weekend. Second time today. Including the fight scenes I watched over a couple of times. Doesn't compare to the numerous weekends I watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone over and over since I didn't have any other movies at all.

I certainly won't watch either of these movies again for a while, but I'm sure to want another viewing in the future. Don't want to waste another rental at Netflix when there's so much else I can rent.

So I'm screwing around online, nothing much to do. IRC is a bit dead at the moment so I'm going back through other people's pages I haven't seen in a while. When I first started this page, I used to check up on all the people I'd met through Lex and the rest of the Friday Atomic crowd on a regular basis. Since then some people have stopped posting and my attention wandered.

Listen Missy has some cool things to say.

posted by Beatriz at 12:22 AM

wSunday, June 29, 2003

I decided to tape Princess Mononoke and Equilbrium before I send them back tomorrow; maybe not anytime soon, but I'm eventually going to want to see them again.

I'm comparing what little I remember of the English translation to the Japanese subtitles, and I still can't believe the changes they made!

After the priest first meets Ashitaka and he tells him about the Deer God ("Spirit of the Forest" in English - gag me), Ashitaka sneaks out during the night. The Japanese words are: "I knew he'd go..."

In the English, I distinctly remember the lines of: "See you there, my friend." Where the hell did they get that? There's no "my friend." There's no, "See you there." Maybe in the tense, and form of reference in a different language, "my friend" might be implied - but "I knew he'd go" gives nothing away while "I'll see you there, my friend" gives way too much unnecessary information.

Watching the Japanese the first time around, I thought it was obvious the priest was going to be back. It was subtle, but it was certainly there. There wasn't a need to make it completely unmistakable.

I'm not entirely blaming Neil Gaiman for the lack of subtlety either. He's a good writer, and from what I've heard he also does horror and cyberpunk-like stuff. Warping perceptions and hiding clues are mandatory elements of the genres. I'm highly looking forward to reading Neverwhere.

I simply believe the problems lies the tendencies of movies targeted to an American audience to appeal to the lowest common denominator. I don't think we're really that stupid, but that we're assumed to be.

posted by Beatriz at 11:07 PM


Now I know why my friend was so annoyed with me calling early yesterday morning.

The phone just rang, totally jerked me out of one of the coolest dreams I've ever had. It's almost all gone. Buried under the momentary panic of thinking it's actually Monday morning and that I'm late for work. I actually wish I'd picked up the phone to scream at the person who called.

posted by Beatriz at 9:37 AM


Equilibrium wasn't bad. Farenheit 451-ish. With Christian Bale in (what I considered) some pretty cool fight scenes. In fact, I think I'll watch them again.

posted by Beatriz at 2:26 AM


No no no! How can they kill Eboshi's character like that? We're supposed to wonder if she really cares for her people or not! In the Japanese version, the line was Soldier: "What about the men who fell?" Eboshi: "Leave them. Move out."

Here, the lines were, Soldier: "What about the men she pushed over the cliff?" Eboshi: "They're dead. Let's get the living home."

I'm seriously, really turning it off now. I didn't even get to hear Claire Danes or Gillian Anderson.

posted by Beatriz at 12:36 AM


Oh, god. After the announcement of Ashitaka's journey and the awful farewell between him and his sister, I have to turn it off. The English translation doesn't do it a bit of justice. None of the ambiguity, none of the vague, terse sentences whose meaning is veiled behind the combination of expression and tone.

I am going to watch the initial scene with the priest, because I didn't quite understand it the first time around (wasn't expecting as fantastically deep a movie as it turned out to be, so I wasn't paying too much attention). With the subtlety of Gaiman's translation, I sure as hell can't miss it now! I refuse to see the intricate characters and plots further mishandled.

I hope the people who voted this as one of the best movies on imdb's top 250 were voting for the Japanese original, and not this English dub. Unfortunately, I somehow doubt it.

posted by Beatriz at 12:15 AM