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wSaturday, September 13, 2003

It's very rare for me to see a listing for only one spouse in the imdb biography page. Usually there's multiple entries for the actors I look up, since I mostly look at current people.

But I'm playing around, looking up random movies that I've heard of but never seen. Most recent entry: The Man Who Knew Too Much. Inspired by the airing of The Man Who Knew Too Little on HBO this evening. I wasn't planning on watching it, but seeing the title reminded me that I'd never seen the original.

I'm confused, though. Are there two originals? Did Hitchcock remake his own movie, one in 1934, and then in 1956 with Jimmy Stewart?

It was his entry that prompted these remarks. The only line under Spouse reads, "Gloria Hatrick McLean (9 August 1949 - 16 February 1994) (her death)." There's no link to her in the database because she's not an actress. Contrast that long marriage, ending only in death, with Angelina Jolie's
Jonny Lee Miller (1995 - 3 February 1999) (divorced)
Billy Bob Thornton (5 May 2000 - 27 May 2003) (divorced) 1 child
or her ex-hubby Billy Bob's
Cynda Williams (1990 - 1992) (divorced)
Toni Lawrence (1986 - 1988) (divorced)
Melissa Lee Gatlin (1978 - 1980) (divorced) 1 child
Pietra Dawn Cherniak (18 February 1993 - April 1997) (divorced) 2 children
Angelina Jolie (5 May 2000 - 27 May 2003) (divorced) 1 child
which has three actresses, although the first two aren't famous.

posted by Beatriz at 7:00 PM


Spam messages have the potential to be pretty emotionally devastating.

I keep getting spam emails about good rates for mortgages in Rockville. I haven't lived in Montgomery County for two years. Why do they still have my email address associated with the area? I don't particularly like to think back on my days there, and even seeing words associated with the place make me a little gloomy.

But what if someone picked up and moved away because of a horrible incident. Or say someone got fired from their job and had to move cross-country to live with their parents. They're trying to start over, have a new and better life - and in their email is a constant barrage reminding them of what they've lost.

posted by Beatriz at 6:28 PM

wFriday, September 12, 2003

Yes, I'm boring lately. Sorry. Not really. I'll pick up again soon. I've got some good ideas for random-ass posts - the one I promised about my nightmares, and a new one about my theory on the Metro gods.

In the meantime, I function as the Public Relations Advisor for Essbee's ROBOT. The rest of the Army of the Robot includes such positions as Cogmaster, Master of Beverages, Boltmaster and Minister of Cats. My job is apparently to make sure everyone is UP WITH THE ROBOT. Else you shall suffer horribly when he comes to our town.

Currently, ROBOT is in Lacrosse, Wisconsin dealing with the death of two of his subjects.

Ok, it's weird, but it's a hell of a lot more interesting than the shit I've been posting lately.

posted by Beatriz at 4:39 PM

wThursday, September 11, 2003

Finally, a good anime.

I watched the first ep of Boogiepop Phantom a long time ago, started the second and stopped it after a few minutes. I just wasn't in the mood for a new story.

But I watched ep 2 and 3 tonight, and it's turning out to be pretty good. A lot of the reviews of it on claim it's too confusing and boring, trying to be dark but falling short. I don't know - that last episode was rather spooky. I'm hoping the bad reviews are by people who just didn't understand it. The high reviews claim it's very confusing, very dark, and blows Serial Experiments Lain out of the water. Lain is high on my list to purchase, after only RahXephon and Noir. And the only reason I haven't bought those two is that they're coming out piecemeal. I'm waiting for the whole set of Noir so I can get it cheaper, and I'm purchasing the RahXephon DVDs as they come out. Although I'm 3 behind in that one.

posted by Beatriz at 9:45 PM

wMonday, September 08, 2003

Never-ending PMS
I swear to the forces above and below, if this round of PMS does not end soon, I will wind up in jail for murder.

No one in particular, just general annoyance with the entire world. I was told to shut up on the metro escalator this morning when I said, "Please, walk on the left." Ok, I kind of had an attitude when I said it, but I did say please!

posted by Beatriz at 10:03 AM


So, all the good guys are already taken.

I only deserve good guys.

Is that why the only guys who want me have girlfriends?

And am I a good person for saying no, or just stupid?

No comments, please.

posted by Beatriz at 1:53 AM