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wSaturday, September 20, 2003

Did I also mention that I have two provinces, one on the World of Legends and one on Genesis? Not on Battlefields, that's "illegal," although I know a number of people who run provinces on both. Battlefields is a more competitive server, and if you get "caught" you could get both of your provinces deleted. I might do it when I get a little better and can hang with the better kingdoms.

But in the meantime, my Genesis province just made my first attack.
Your forces arrive at beware (3:3), and battle begins quickly...

Our army has emerged victorious on the battlefield!

Your army has taken 74 new acres! 18 buildings survived and can be refitted to fit our needs. Taking full control of your new land will take 18 days. Your new land will be available on June 17th, YR8. 353 peasants also settled on your new lands.

We lost 222 Swordsmen in this battle. 104 of our Swordsmen have been trained into Beastmasters. Our forces will be again available on June 17th, YR8.

We killed about 250 enemy troops.

posted by Beatriz at 11:33 PM


Nice, Screamers is just starting on scifi. I've already seen it, although it's been a number of years. I can definitely clean during this one. I was wary of putting in any of the movies I actually have, I'm pretty tired of them. And I Just watched Thirteen Conversations... which made me a little depressed.

Bloody scifi movie that I've already seen, but have little to no memory of the story, is just perfect.

Oh, yes. It's totally got the stock characters who die at strategic points throughout the movie. I'd totally forgotten until this fantastic opening scene.

posted by Beatriz at 11:04 PM


Movie's over, now I'm bored again. Wasn't bad, drama, acting, depressed people, depressed people finding optimism, finding hope. Blah blah blah.

Apparently my Utopia kingdom decided to spice up my evening by launching a dragon. Yes, my faithful readers, this war is not going to end anytime soon. I was a bit upset that I didn't trad my first attack, I would've wound up with noble from the honor. I figured that the war was going to end soon, and I wouldn't have a chance to make one more hit for land and honor. But the Maniacal Fruit are not going to lay down quickly after this manuever.

If only we'd timed the launch of the dragon with a wave of attacks. They would've given us the surrender. Now, they have a change to regroup and launch their own dragon. Hopefully they're hurting too much even consider it.

posted by Beatriz at 10:50 PM


Missed the first 8 minutes, but next up is Thirteen Conversations About One Thing. I've been wanting to see this for a while. Clea Duvall, Matthew McConaughey.

posted by Beatriz at 9:40 PM


"Man, there was no way that giant spider was from Earth!"
"Fine, it was a giant spider from Mars. That better?"
Sometimes I love movies like this.

Hah, this movie reminds me of a cheap attempt to be Evolution, which in and of itself was a parody (albeit very clever) of the alien madness.

In fact, it's almost Gremlins-like.

posted by Beatriz at 9:04 PM


Josh is a good kid, but sometimes he drives me up the wall.

He has 15,000 ebooks. A number of good titles, but a lot of crap, too. I mean, is he really going to read the Babysitter's Club? Or the Oprah Winfrey biography? To the first he responds, "No, but my cousin could want to read them, and I'll them available for her." He ignores the second.

Now he's got some new programs that will let him play old DOS games on his cool, modern laptop. Of course, when someone recommends he put those on his PDA, he already has an NES emulator with full sound capability on that one.

Because he's going to play all of the games. And read all of the books.

posted by Beatriz at 8:52 PM


I've only seen posters for Eight Legged Freaks, never a movie summary nor a trailer.

After the first few minutes, I expect it's going to be something like the 50's mutant spider movies of yesteryear. How can it be anything else with Kari Wuhrer?

posted by Beatriz at 8:09 PM


My Big Fat Greek Wedding was good. Definitely not my regular choice in movies, but I didn't feel my hour and a half was wasted.

John Corbett was the Aidan of SatC's season 3. I can't wait to see him in movies where he's from season 4.

I'd heard it was one of the most hilarious movies ever. I thought it was funny, but not absolutely must-buy fantastic. I wouldn't mind having a copy of it on tape, but I'm not going to spend the money on the DVD. Oh, man, I should've taped it while watching it. I'm so stupid. I'll just catch it the next time it comes on. Guess I need to set my VCR.

posted by Beatriz at 6:21 PM


Perfect timing!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding just started on HBO. Yay, John Corbett! Yay great comedy!

posted by Beatriz at 4:49 PM


There is nothing I can do about my past, even if it was just last week.

All any of us can do is look forward, and try to live better each day.

posted by Beatriz at 3:25 PM


My cat is actually pretty intelligent.

She kept messing with things, knowing that eventually she'd piss me off. I figured she was just bored, and so I stood up to mess with her, thus curing her boredom and getting my fat ass out of my computer chair.

But as soon as I stood up, she raced to the kitchen and pointedly glared at her empty bowl. I think the crazy kitty madness is going to be done for a few hours, she's content now.

posted by Beatriz at 2:42 PM


And another.
Your forces arrive at GuardianOfMe (18:29), and battle begins quickly...

A tough battle took place, but we have managed a victory!

Your army has taken 61 new acres! 8 buildings survived and can be refitted to fit our needs. Taking full control of your new land will take 13 days. Your new land will be available on June 3rd, YR1. 506 peasants also settled on your new lands.

We lost 25 Soldiers, 132 Heros, 10 Elf Lords, and 24 War Horses in this battle. 76 of our Heros have been trained into Elf Lords. Our forces will be again available on June 3rd, YR1.

We killed about 290 enemy troops.
And I am at 1427 honor, just 70+ shy of being a Noble Lady. Not bad.

posted by Beatriz at 2:28 PM


I realized something last night as I was falling asleep, thinking about the hotness of John Corbett and my latest post with the internet faux pas.

What I realized is this: most of my readers are guys. You all don't give a shit about who my hottie of the moment is.

It's very strange for me to realize this, because I don't have any guy friends. I really, honestly don't. The closest I have is the dart team males, but I don't call any of them up to chat, or have a drink or something after work. But of the rare comments I get on my site, they're all from guys. Except for one from Jen, and that's because I made a wrong assumption about the dart leagues. I know the Redhead checks out my site as well, but honestly - that's it. I've run over the list in my mind, of people who say they check this occasionally - and they're all males.

And upon further reflection, I'm kind of wrong in saying that I don't have any male friends. I actually have more than a few - all online. EK, jd, hernick, ed, merlyn, zhadum, havoc, david - the only people I chat with at all online are all men. Or, boys as the case may be.

No, wait! I do have one male friend. The dj at the Black Rooster on Thursdays. He's a nice guy, we have fun conversations.

But still... this is a rather horrifying realization. I think we're going to have to go to journalling instead of blogging to further explore this.

I'd say that, my dear reader(s), you won't have to deal with my gushing about the hotness of actors anymore - but you will. This is my damn page, I can post whatever the hell I want. Yay for me.

posted by Beatriz at 1:54 PM


I've been browsing around for pics of John Corbett, and I'm going to commit a serious internet sin because this is just too fine.

Now do you all see why I'm drooling?

Giving credit where credit is due for the pic - go to the John Corbett home page for more goodies. It seems to just be a fan page, but it's pretty well-stocked with Corbett info and good screen caps.

posted by Beatriz at 2:04 AM


If I'd known that John Corbett, aka Aiden Shaw of the incredible hotness in Sex and the City's season 4, was the male lead in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, then I would've insisted on seeing it much sooner. Or maybe not.

I looked him up on imdb when Susanna was first gushing over Aiden as I embarked on this SatC obsession, and did see the movie as a listing. I didn't realize he was the male lead - although I have to admit that, even if I had, I still would have put it off. He looks like he did in SatC's season 3, which is the kind of dumpy-hippy.

But now... now. He is incredibly incredibly sexy.

And excellent! He's in two movies coming up next year, lead male roles across from Kate Hudson in one and Kim Bassinger in the other. Both romantic comedy/drama films, of course, of which I can only handle so much at once. It's been years since I've seen one I've really liked - but if he looks like he did in this season, I'll set aside my distaste for the genre, buckle down and watch them.

After all, I subjected myself to J. Lo for the sake of Matthew McConaughey in The Wedding Planner.

posted by Beatriz at 1:45 AM


To make myself feel better, I'm making Kraft macaroni and cheese. And what's even better about it is that I can make it in the microwave, and don't even need to clean my kitchen to do it.

Whatever am I to do with these new-fangled ideas?

posted by Beatriz at 1:14 AM


Ok, Perfect Blue was not what I expected at all.

First, I can't take anything seriously that has the "pop idol" Japanese chicks bouncing around in tutus. Slayers Next had a mocking episode, and it was hilarious because I knew they were making fun of the phenomena. EK has told me, and I've seen it myself, that the Japanese have this very unhealthy obsession with 80's-type "pop idols" and have little girls on stage singing these cutesy songs. I understand this about Japanese culture, and I make my own choice to not watch it.

Second, the nudity and rape was highly unnecessary. I can see why EK labeled it as "disturbing."

Third, the story sucked. Horribly. It was a short movie, I was expecting at least 2 hours of crazy anime stuff. Instead, I got to see a naked cartoon chick in a stupid mystery.

Highly unpleased with the past hour and 17 minutes of my life. I feel tainted, having seen naked anime chick on my tv. I won't even watch porn, I hate it when anime characters smewch - and, I reiterate, I just saw a naked anime chick on my tv. I will never get back that time, and I'm much more disturbed for having seen it. And I don't even have any new Sex and the City to take my mind off of it.

What a waste of a Netflix rental. And I think I need to take a large break from anime. It's going to take me a while before I can venture back into that realm.

posted by Beatriz at 12:52 AM

wFriday, September 19, 2003

Now I know why Susanna always says that Aiden Shaw from Sex and the City is so hot. OMG, the guy is gorgeous. I thought he was a little dumpy in season 3 - the long hair and hippie clothes and all - but eps 5 and 6 of season 4 he was incredible. Cut hair, wears a suit, so slick and sexy. It's unfortunate that I already know where the relationship goes - nowhere. He just can't get over the fact that she cheated on him with Big, and their attempt falls apart. I read it somewhere.

I really love how Carrie's character takes the little events in her life and turns it around into a cogent question or thought to write about. Ok, I do know that it's really in the skill of the show's writers, but she actually reflects on events and then writes about them. I suppose that's what all of us who blog, live-journal try to do. Some are more successful than others.

posted by Beatriz at 11:14 PM


High hopes for Carnivale.

So far, we have the opening prophecy about a child of darkness and child of light (for lack of better phrasing; I forget the terms Samson put it in) in each generation. How they lead their armies against each other in the eternal war of Good and Evil. They fight in the darkness, away from the regular humans.

What I've gathered so far is that Ben Hawkins and the priest are the child of light and child of dark. While the priest would normally be assumed to be the "good," I've seen too much anime (and too much David Lynch) to think everything will be so pat. Film and series makers now know that we want more of a twist, less the cookie-cutter good vs. evil battle that we can see in 95% percent of American popular culture.

We're also seeing the show from the carnival's point of view; our sympathies lie there. They're not going to be the "dark" side. And Clancy Brown plays the part of a not-so-wholesome priest too well. I don't think he's ruining his vows or anything - but there's something up with him and his sister. You don't cast Clancy Brown and Amy Madigan without a host of twists in mind.

And, yay, Clea Duvall. She had a great line. She's a gypsy fortune teller who takes care of her invalid mother. But the mother's seemingly-catatonic state is more than appears to the eye. After Sofie (Duvall) argues with Jonesy and he leaves, she sits there in dead silence with her mother for a few moments then snaps, "Oh, shut up!"

posted by Beatriz at 9:06 PM


So by now we all know that I love Sex and the City. I made a quick trip downstairs to check my mail, figuring the disc 1 of season 4 will be in my box; it was. Perfect timing too, since I can watch probably two episodes and then see the re-airing of Carnivale's pilot at 8.

The teaser blurbs on the back of this Netflix DVD crack me up.
The fab foursome have more on their minds than hooking up with guys (although they do plenty of that). Carrie wrestles with choosing between Big and Aidan; Charlotte and Trey try, and fail, to conceive; Samantha explores lesbianism (among many adventures); and Miranda gets pregnant. The fun never ends! [emphasis mine]
Um, a couple trying to conceive and failing, and a single woman with an intense career in as a partner in a law firm getting pregnant is "fun"? (I already know the story behind it, it wasn't planned.) If this is the publicity for the show, no wonder people have such bad views of it.

posted by Beatriz at 7:04 PM


And it's war time.
Your forces arrive at HummerSlug (18:29), and battle begins quickly...

A tough battle took place, but we have managed a victory!
Your army has taken 101 new acres! 25 buildings survived and can be refitted to fit our needs. Taking full control of your new land will take 12 days. Your new land will be available on May 6th, YR1. 1 peasants also settled on your new lands.

We lost 124 Heros, 7 Elf Lords, and 2 War Horses in this battle. 126 of our Heros have been trained into Elf Lords. Our forces will be again available on May 6th, YR1.
We killed about 220 enemy troops.
Blah, it should've been a much bigger hit, the guy's 200 acres bigger than me. But he'd been "moderately hit" in the past month, so the good resources are always taken. This was put in to avoid total gangbangings on a province.

I'm just tired of being so tiny compared to the rest of my kingdom.

posted by Beatriz at 6:30 PM


Apparently my praise of sterno pants has caused a rift between myself and the ROBOT army. My position as Public Relations Advisor is now in jeopardy.

So the essbee has created a poll that questions where my loyalties lie - and I can't even participate in it because I'm not a livejournal user. Wouldn't I know better than anyone?

My loyalties lie forever for the ROBOT. Sterno pants is merely a human, a passing fancy, a fleeting object of affection who turned my head for a few moments. ROBOT is forever!

(How's that?)

posted by Beatriz at 5:31 PM


Be honest now; who hasn't at least once tried to use telekinesis to make an object move?
- sterno pants

I have to laugh. Because any person around our age who saw Carrie certainly has. (I don't say "read" since it's one of Stephen King's worst books, imho. Very choppy with the flashbacks, forward jumps to the books the survivor wrote. But hey, it was one of his first attempts, it shows how much he grew.)

I remember watching Carrie with the one friend who was allowed to watch horror movies. We'd seen it before but were probably bored and decided to watch it again. I remember staring across the room at something on the arm of the couch and just giving myself a massive headache from effort. I don't even know what the hell I was thinking.

I have dreams a lot lately where I have telekineses, however. And when I wake up in the morning, I'm so disappointed that it's not true.

Wouldn't my dart game be awesome if I had that power?

posted by Beatriz at 4:51 PM


Now I remember why I don't like watching tv again.

I'm watching Jack's Back, which I haven't seen since early high school when I had a James Spader obsession. I still like him, I just haven't seen him in much lately. I did queue up Secretary on Netflix, and put it towards the top of the queue.

Jack's Back is definitely not as good as I remember. There's usually an element of belief suspension in any movie, but these characters are kind of stupid. This guy killed the main character's brother, but he's also a serial killer. Why doesn't he just give the information to the police and let them deal with it? Ok, he doesn't know that the guy is the serial killer, just that he killed his twin, but still. And why did the John character chase after the guy in his truck in the first place? He walked in and saw this guy standing over a bloody, mutiliated body - and so he chases after the him in his volkswagen bug? He's a med student, for pete's sake, not a cop or fighter.

But the commercials - god, the commercials are horrible. I know it's a matter of demographics, and whom the pr people think their audience is. But if I see one more commercial for financial services, I'm going to scream. At least the movie's almost over and I'll be free.

posted by Beatriz at 1:38 AM

wThursday, September 18, 2003

Oh my god, this is it. I always knew that I'd seen Gary Sinise in something a long time ago. I can't quite picture exactly what I saw him in, but I knew it was a minor part.

It was the Lady's father in The Quick and the Dead.

posted by Beatriz at 11:51 PM


Interesting tibit about The Quick and the Dead.

I always wondered about the relationship between the Lady and the Preacher. Apparently a sex scene was filmed, but Raimi took it out because it wasn't essential to the story.

I think that's a rather unique stance to take on a Western. A lot of westerns have the love element, and in one with such actors as Sharon Stone and Russell Crowe, you'd expect that they'd definitely hook up. Instead, that scene was taken out.

The flirting and wordplay I intimated from their exchanges was really there. I've always wondered if they were supposed to get together or not., and felt the movie lost something because they never did. But now, I think it's a rather intelligent omittance.

posted by Beatriz at 11:22 PM


Sometimes people surprise you. I only know Sterno Pants from IRC, not very well. He's just kind of this quirky guy who seems to be good friends with Essbee, and sometimes they go to other channels for trolling. Harmless enough.

His blog/livejournal/whatever is pretty intelligent. I wish he would post more. He has a very polished writing style that I didn't notice in his banter with essbee. Plus, I discovered Anne through a comment on his site.

What also makes him cool is his page title. I noticed the subtitle "Good shot, Green" the first day he changed his format, and giggled over the Clue reference but let it go at that. Only today did I really notice that his title is "One then one then two then one," which is that scene that I could never perform as well as Susanna. (There's a few movies we both know well enough to practically act out the entire feature; Clue is one, Hudson Hawk and The Princess Bride are a couple others.)

And linking to the movies and actors I reference really kills the writing buzz.

posted by Beatriz at 8:45 PM


I just don't agree with the horrible reviews of Murder by Numbers. "Like watching paint dry..." was the title of one review.

The acting was flawless. I felt like I was watching three-dimensional characters instead of the flat players I see too often. I thought the interrogation room scenes were very powerful, trying to crack open the kids. Michael Pitt and Agnes Bruckner did a damn fine job themselves. Justin was conflicted, Richard so confident - god, everything was just so well done.

posted by Beatriz at 8:25 PM


Murder by Numbers was really good. I was very impressed with Ryan Gosling. I remember being very disappointed when he was cast for Young Hercules because Ian Bohen was so good and really hot. Ryan Gosling was just a dork, and so I refused to watch the show.

It's funny that a theory behind Bohen quitting was that he didn't want to be stuck in New Zealand filming a stupid show. So Ryan Gosling took it - and now he's becoming big. I thought Murder By Numbers was very good, and certainly has high profile actors - Sandra Bullock and Ben Chaplin. Ryan Gosling did a fantastic job as the over-privileged prick, he was not a dork at all. And he's coming up in a movie next year with Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor, a thriller with supernatural overtones. He's top-billed, too, just under McGregor and Watts who have a large popular audience.

But back to praise about Murder by Numbers. It was very psychological. Often murder mysteries don't put as much effort into developing characters. They just want a cool story, a few twists and turns and leave it at that. We didn't get a lot of Ben Chaplin's character, but the backstory of Cassie was very subtly done. I thought the whole Carl Hudson thing was a past case, not her ex-husband. Everything was very neatly wrapped up in the end, of course, with Cassie going to the parole hearing and healing herself, Sam deciding to stay her partner.

I give it a high 4 out of 5. It wasn't perfect, but I was really drawn into it.

posted by Beatriz at 8:03 PM


Murder by Numbers has an hour to be good. I've heard bad reviews of it, but it still looks interesting. Ben Chaplin is always a plus.

If it doesn't turn out, Against All Odds is on at 6:45. It was one of my mom's favorite movies when I was little, and I've never seen it. The credits were running for it on the HBO Signature east channel, so I got to listen to the song. Yay.

And... 15 minutes later, I like Murder By Numbers. Looks like Against All Odds has to wait.

posted by Beatriz at 6:01 PM


Just browsing through sites and discovered Anne. Wow.

posted by Beatriz at 5:29 PM


Hurricane musings
First of all, I'm very pleased to not have to go to work today. I'm unpleased with my behavior last night after the dart match (which we won, 8 to 3; two of their points were my losses), but being able to sleep until 3 this afternoon eases my chagrin.

My cat is freaked out, she's staying in the bathroom. When she does emerge she slinks very close to the ground, scurrying about like a ferret. Aren't animals attuned to the weather and natural disasters and such? Isabel's arrival excuses Trinity's actions, but I miss my kitten. She should romp around joyously that her mother unit can spend the day with her, not hide behind the toilet.

My own mother unit says my cat is a pansy, there's nothing going on outside. Her cat is perfectly all right, lazing about and watching tv. Her cat is not the most astute of animals. Here - the sky is all steely gray and there's a strange tension in the air. Or that could just be my hangover.

posted by Beatriz at 4:36 PM

wWednesday, September 17, 2003

A brief history of Babingatron, ROBOT's bane and hopeful destroyer of all that is good and pure.

posted by Beatriz at 4:46 PM

wMonday, September 15, 2003

The Transporter - yet another in a line of martial arts, save the people deal. No better but not necessarily worse than the rest.

My god, Jason Statham is such eyecandy.

posted by Beatriz at 2:35 AM

wSunday, September 14, 2003

Whoa. What a way to overreact.

I thought that I'd deleted the post about Sex and the City, that was going into anime. But apparently I must've hit the ok, and it saved the post. And it looks like I even finished it. I had much more to say, of course, but none of it particularly important. To anyone other than me, anyway.

posted by Beatriz at 11:40 PM



I'm whining on IRC, and Essbee hands me a red balloon. I start freaking out on him.

Because today I saw an episode of Boogiepop Phantom that has a kid who was killing people by giving them red balloons and telling them to come play with him. Their inner child would take the balloon, and the shell that's left killed themselves.

I wonder if it's coincidence or some kind of sign. I'll have to ponder this, to come up with the most outlandish future it could portend.

Oh, what I was originally whining about? The horror that my life has become. I sit at my computer at 11:00 p.m., watching geeks talk football on IRC. My life has truly bottomed out.

posted by Beatriz at 11:23 PM


I'm so frustrated with Mozilla sometimes.

I don't know exactly how it happens, but I'll be going to open a site in my favorites as a new tab, and suddenly all the urls packed in that folder get opened in tabs. And the page I'm on disappears. Like the post I was working on. Which was good. Or, at least interesting to me.

But now I'm too annoyed with my computer to sit here and rehash the post. The thing is, I almost didn't try and do the links to the shows I was talking about. In this case, Sex and the City. And I'm not going to be fooled, I'm not going to open the imdb window so I can link.

I really need to organize that anime folder. It has the most unsorted bookmarks, and that's always the one I mess up.

posted by Beatriz at 11:18 PM


Yay, Sex and the City.

Just finished up the last disc of season 3. All new episodes. Carrie saw Aiden move on, she had lunch with Big and avoided another mishap. Charlotte's single, Samantha made friends with her neighbors, and Miranda.. um.. broke out of her rut. I sound like an ad for the show.

Queued up next on Netflix is Ghost in the Shell, and Perfect Blue should be arriving tomorrow.

posted by Beatriz at 11:15 PM


Fantastic episode of Sex and the City.

Carrie was dating this guy who lived with his parents, in this gorgeous apartment. She got over it pretty quick, especially since the parents were almost like servants you didn't have to pay.

Then one day, they're in the nice apartment and he pulls out a bag of marijuana that cost $400 an ounce. They smoke, they have the munchies, they make a mess. The parents come home, and he freaks out because they said if he ever brought pot back in the apartment, they'd kick him out.

They parents come inside, the mother finds the pot and asks him if he brought it in. He says no, Carrie did. Cut to a priceless look of shock on Carrie's face. The mother asks her about the pot, Carrie deliberates, then answers, "Yes, Mrs. Adams, I did bring the marijuana into the house." She walks forward, takes the bag in hand and finishes, "And I'm taking it with me when I leave."


posted by Beatriz at 9:10 PM


Most fantastic.
Your forces arrive at island (xx:xx), and battle begins quickly...

Our army has emerged victorious on the battlefield!
Your army has taken 75 new acres! 19 buildings survived and can be refitted to fit our needs. Taking full control of your new land will take 14 days. Your new land will be available on July 7th, YR0. 163 peasants also settled on your new lands.

We lost 53 Heros and 1 Elf Lord in this battle. 34 of our Heros have been trained into Elf Lords. Our forces will be again available on July 7th, YR0. We killed about 180 enemy troops.
My first Utopia attack in years. I'm playing attacker this round, I usually play t/m.

Many more to come.

posted by Beatriz at 6:11 PM


Being a football fan is like watching the same Steven Spielberg movie twice every weekend and once every Monday night for 15 weeks in a row every year. Just horrible.
- Essbee

posted by Beatriz at 4:45 PM


I can tell right now, this episode is going to have a horrible ending. I'm only 10 minutes into it, and I'm already in tears. Ep 6 "Mother's Day" was really depressing, and this one just has the potential to be very disturbing. It's about a brother and sister, and the brother has the weird powers. He's going around killing people, he's beating the crap out of her anytime she tries to stop him. But all she wants is her big brother back, the one who protected her, gave her toys, told her stories.

I'm an only child and I've never had the relationship of a sibling, but it's still very sad.

posted by Beatriz at 2:33 PM


You know, I get all into this show and think it's really cool. And then I realize what really makes this thing silly: it's the name "Boogiepop Phantom."

I hate it when they throw in random English words. And they say them really funny. So I'm watching this serious, scary death scene, and this character suddenly yells, "Boogiepop." I mean, it's not really scary after that.

EK loves it, the totally inappropriate usage of English.

There's a new character now, Spooky Electric. His response: "Awesome!"

posted by Beatriz at 2:25 PM


Common theme in anime: the split in a female's personality, between that of a mother and a woman.

In Eva, Ritsuko's mother built the Magi supercomputers as three aspects of herself: as a scientist, as a woman, and as a mother. It was the Casper computer, the one based on her as a woman, that defeated the Angel virus. "In Casper, pattern as a woman was input. She stayed as a woman until last. It is just like my mother."

Now in episode 6 of Boogiepop Phantom, there was conflict between the mother and the daughter. I think that the mother wound up prostituting herself to get money for the daughter's school. Or something like that. Maybe. Some really weird situation that was definitely not made clearer by the show's tendency to reveal the short plots in jerky flashback. I'm not even sure what happened to the daughter - maybe she was taken by Boogiepop, maybe she died at the serial kiler's hands, or she might've killed herself.

I'm so confused.

posted by Beatriz at 1:55 PM


Boogiepop Phantom just gets cooler and cooler.

First of all, it's scary. 20 minute episodes of a horror-fied Outer Limits. But they're connected by an underlying story that's just started to emerge in the past few episodes. It might've been there since episode 1, but I saw that so long ago I no longer remember. I've actually debated going back to rewatch all the eps and get what little storyline that's been revealed straight in my head.

But I also kind of like going forward in that haze of barely-understanding. I did it with Serial Experiments Lain, and was so awesomely confused at the end that I rewatched the last two dvds a few days later. It's a very pleasant feeling to finally get things straight. And know that there's at least one more viewing in the series to fully understand it.

With RahXephon, my source sometimes disappeared and I had problems getting episodes. So I went back and rewatched past ones, to keep what little I could follow fresh in my memory. The ending, while still good, lost a little in execution. The main reason being that I only saw it once, in comparison to the 2 to 3 viewings of episodes 1 through 20. Lain I didn't do that with, and the end was fantastic the first and second times around.

Spoilers ahead.

What I get so far in Boogiepop is 5 years ago, a "composite human" - created by an organization to hunt down the evolved humans with special powers - killed everyone in his lab and escaped into the city. There was a spree of serial killings that has appeared from different angles. One girl was stalked by the serial killer and wonders why it is she was saved. And why the killings suddenly stopped.

The actual death of one girl sparked the division in another girl's mind when she went to meet her in the park and found her dead body. Her screwed up mind calls up a demon who gleefuly joins with her to "spread love of the world" by inducing a drooling state of catatonia with a kiss. He takes the form of a character from the first episode which I barely remember. Right when this girl realizes that she's nuts and has been for 5 years, she asks Boogiepop to take her away. Boogiepop looks at her and says, "I can't take you away. I'm sorry, but you're not worth it." Devastated, stumbling, she runs into a cop and begs him to save her - only to be hacked to pieces. Have the serial killings started again?

There's a girl who was in a hospital 5 years before, who knows the first girl who was saved. She knows Boogiepop. At the hospital, the drug used to make the composite humans was let loose by a detective who stole it from the organization.

So many threads. There's like 3 more big stories that we've seen, some connected by the demon, others by Boogiepop, and still others in random scenes that show two characters from different episodes passing each other on the street.

I want to hold onto only what I catch, all the way through the end. Just 12 episodes and I'm on ep 6. I might have to buy this series - and it's only $42 at deep discount.

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